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Grab an SUP board, and escape ...

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 “Grab a board, and escape!”

All of our watersports have the power to transmit us such a feeling of ecstasy that we just become addicted to the lifestyle. Through kite, wind, or SUP we’re surfing this beautiful thing called LIFE! Our sports link us directly to nature in such a way that we cannot do much but love it!

That’s why I invite you to in times of stress and uncertainty grab a board and just go out into the wild, escape for just a bit.

Friends INVADING nature?.... Nothing sounds better to me! Check out these amazing shots from our most recent trip to Gennie Springs in North Florida, featuring our NP wetsuits for the cold autumn waters and the monstrous “Imagine surf” Invader Adventure inflatable board.

Being original in your own way will help you strike in any adventure you decide to take. So, have you ever thought of bringing a crew together on your own surfable island? No matter if you are at the beach, on a wave, or through calm rivers, its great to enjoy life from another perspective. The Imagine INVADER helps you achieve that, gathering up to six people for a fun mission!

Want to see us test the limits of the invader?, then check out this video of our crew surfing the  boat wake outside Miami.

Best age to start Kiteboarding, how young is too young? How old is too old?

Best age to start Kiteboarding and why, how young is too young? How old is too old? Kiteboarding is an intimidating sport. Many people see it as something hard to do, but realistically is one of the most fun sports to do in the water that is easy enough for everyone to be capable of doing [...]

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New 2017 Cabrinha Kiteboarding lineup Launch

Adventure Sports USA is proud to annouce the new 2017 Cabrinha Kiteboading Kite lineup, you can now purchase the new Apollo, Cabrinha's Lightwind Kite, the newly designed Contra, the new sizes for the FX, Drifter and Chaos and the new color scheme for the new lineup, including the Switchblade and Radar.Click on the image to [...]

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Cabrinha's 2017 Product Demo South Florida

Times are subject to change! Please stay up to date by checking our Facebook page! Thursday_7/28 Friday_7/29 Saturday_7/30  Sunday_7/31   Launch Party in Coconut Grove Adventure Sports @7pm  Giveaways, Food and Drinks! Directions: 2750 SW 26 avenue Miami, FL 33133     Demo in Hollywood, FL  @2pm  Team Riders will be there and Test Rides will be available! Directions:  301 Meade St Hollywood, FL   Demo in Coral Gables at Matheson Hammock Park @2pm -------------------- Demo in Ft. Lauderdale [...]

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Imagine Surf's SUP security Release Valve

One of the safety features that Imagine Surf has implemented in their Stan Up Paddle inflatable boards is the air pressure release valve that automatically releases excess air. This solves the potential problem of over inflation, which could lead to seam failure if not addressed properly. This technology was designed so you have one less thing [...]

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Cabrinha’s 2017 Fireball connection system is a game-changer for Kiteboarding

Cabrinha’s 2017 Fireball connection system is a game-changer for KiteboardingCabrinha’s fireball is here and is prooving that kiteboarding is a sport that still has a lot of room for innovation. The Fireball connection system brings a logical idea to reality, it’s the response to the question  “What is the best way of connecting energy from [...]

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The Amazing Adventure Sports Athlete

    As the shimmering sun towers above the Caribbean waters, the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the shore is masked by the blaring music and echoing of voices. Crowding around are a mass of spectators, all enjoying and discussing the amazing tricks and moves that they have viewed over the course of the [...]

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Paddling Into Uncharted (and irresistible) Waters

 Have you been to the beach lately?If so, you may have noticed something attractive and curvy in the water, and you absolutely need to make sure you don’t get left behind.I’m talking about the stand up paddleboards, of course.Stand up paddleboard, or SUP, has caused waves on the mainstream scene in the last decade, and [...]

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Cabrinha 2016 Video Product Launch

Take a look at Cabrinhas 2016 product launch video, kitesurfing at its finest with Cabrinha's teamriders ...                                                                      You can see Cabrinha's newly designed [...]

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