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Best age to start Kiteboarding, how young is too young? How old is too old?

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Best age to start Kiteboarding and why, how young is too young? How old is too old?

Kiteboarding is an intimidating sport. Many people see it as something hard to do, but realistically is one of the most fun sports to do in the water that is easy enough for everyone to be capable of doing it. When I say everyone I mean from young kids, to even the elderly who don’t feel old. “What is the perfect age?” is a common question I get asked, my response: “NOW! Is the perfect age.” 

"Son and father throwing unhook ralley"

Fortunately being hooked to a kite, while sliding through the water on top of a board does not require as much physical effort as it seems. Power muscle strength is not a must for the common type of cruise rider, yet it does strengthens the body when is often practiced, making it a great exercise for all ages.

Kids can start kiteboarding at a very early age, most of those who are exposed to the sport start around the 7 or 8 years when they are already capable of physically handling the gear. For youngsters to practice kiteboarding it only does them good; keeps them healthy, active, and passionate about the water

dults also have no limits when it comes to kiteboarding. Even though it might look like an extreme hard sport, someone can take kiteboarding to the perfect extent they need to. Riding on flat, shallow waters is usually easier, especially for people who start the sport after their 50s. For older people the sport can also influence only in positive ways. Aside from staying healthier from the exercise and contact with nature, kiteboarding wakes up the kid every rider has inside, going off limits when it comes to have fun! 

I feel older–I never feel old. There's a difference." Meet Louis Gomez, a 78-year-old kiteboarder who flies high above the water:  Click Here to see him making us all look bad.


Camila Blain

Adventure Sports USA team-rider and blogger