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Cabrinha’s 2017 Fireball connection system is a game-changer for Kiteboarding

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Cabrinha’s 2017 Fireball connection system is a game-changer for Kiteboarding

Cabrinha’s fireball is here and is prooving that kiteboarding is a sport that still has a lot of room for innovation. The Fireball connection system brings a logical idea to reality, it’s the response to the question  “What is the best way of connecting energy from the kite to the rider’s body?” well … the answer for Pete Cabrinha and his team is a departure from the system that has been around for a while with little improvement, “hooks”, and jump to nature’s answer for extremity connections (see kneecaps and the round ends of mammal bones).

Watch the Fireball Connection System here:

So here are some reasons why we think the Fireball is going to be a great answer for many riders:

Higher Control of the Kite: The ball and socket connection makes the kite pull directly to the rider’s core, reducing the time the kite takes to respond to your control orders. This connection system also makes the Kiteboarding experience more confortable as the vertical pull of the kite is reduced.

Security: Fireball has an auto secure system that allows the connection to happen quickly and effortlessly eliminating the need for a security pin, it uses the 1X security system having an immediate depowering command when needed. Also the dreaded “Foul Hook” is not possible here.

It’s a technology exclusive to Kiteboarding: Fireball gives kiteboarding another design exclusive to the sport, from the design to the materials to the application all its history and components are built specifically for the kiteboarders benefit and comfort, its design also makes the movement of the kite non-binding allowing the rider a greater freedom of movement.

dventure Sports USA is proud to continue the evolution of the sport with the fireball and later ahead with the Apollo (Cabrinhas 2017 light wind kite), our customer’s can purchase both product in advance now and they will begin shipping in August.

Stay tuned for our demo schedule for the Fireball system during August in the Miami area.