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The Amazing Adventure Sports Athlete

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As the shimmering sun towers above the Caribbean waters, the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the shore is masked by the blaring music and echoing of voices. Crowding around are a mass of spectators, all enjoying and discussing the amazing tricks and moves that they have viewed over the course of the day. Just as everyone thought they had seen it all, one hundred feet away from the calm and peaceful coast, a beacon of talent emerges as the outstanding Therese Taabbel is prepared to drop jaws. 

 Her chest and shoulders are up, and her frame emits confidence as she takes a final deep breath. She begins by gliding through the crystal blue sea and thrusting her hips, as her white Cabrinha board leaves an “S" in its wake. She does this movement consistently, almost in sync with the bass drum of the Reggae tune that is audible hundreds of feet away.

Suddenly, without a moment's warning, the bold Taabbel drops her lower body parallel to the water and drifts across for a whole second. Gaining just enough momentum to propel her body up into the air, she flings her body forward. Once she's airborne, her frame twirls end over end once. Then, still suspended in the air and ignoring the basic laws of physics and gravity, the masterful Danish twists clockwise, and then turns completely again. With time to make one more statement before she lands, Taabbel twist three hundred and sixty degrees, and lands with her left foot forward. Her right foot follows, and needing a slight moment to regain her balance, she lands gracefully, adding the exclamation point to her masterpiece.

She did it.

Cheers of amazement are followed by a thundering applause back on shore. Not a second passed by without someone muttering the same words everyone who witnessed this was thinking: “How on earth did she do that?"

Not only is the complexity of the stunt astonishing, but also the matter in which she conducted it, and the tenacity and certainty she exhibited.

 The 'Double S-Bend to Blind' trick is just one of the many maneuvers Therese Taabbel can showcase. Boards and kites like the one Therese uses to impress everyone, are available on, your one stop shop for Watersports learning, purchasing, and traveling. Make sure to check it out, whether you're an aquatic sports expert, or are looking to try something new and exciting!