All Ride 106 II PRO 2018
All Ride 106 II PRO 2018
All Ride 106 II PRO 2018

All Ride 106 II PRO 2018


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Shape Details.

These shapes deliver unlimited freeride fun and action in all conditions, from flat water to chop and also carving up open ocean swells. Combining the advantages of the Freestyle Wave and Super Sport boards they are still easy to control and very comfortable to ride considering their speed potential.
Plug and play windsurfing – jump on and have fun.

Key Features:
Performance without comfort is only half the fun! That’s why we used proven shape features like a double concave front and mid-section in combination with a soft tuck line providing more comfort than expected from such a board.

The tail is narrow and due to the additional outline curve, manoeuvrability has also been pushed to a new level. You can make use of different sections of the outline curve by shifting your weight slightly forward or backwards and draw high speed carving jibes through the water at any radius you please.

It is an absolute pleasure to ride the 116-II in any conditions -just like the 106-II- and both boards cover a huge wind range. Alive and exciting in light winds, stable and fast in heavier conditions. They also encourage the rider to blast down open water swells carving their lines into the wave face.

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