Race Flatwater BIAX 2017

Race Flatwater BIAX 2017


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The JP Race Flatwater Leaves No Compromises

For 2017 we have further developed the entire Race board range. With great input from our international and national race paddlers we have developed two sizes of dedicated flat water shapes for “no compromise” performance in the flat to moderate choppy conditions. The 23” version will best suit racers with up to 85kg while the 25” one will suit racers up to 105kg. The main feature we were trying to achieve is the low standing position without the dug-out cockpits. Werner was able to achieve this by thinning out of the standing position and redistributing the necessary volume to the tail and the nose of the board. Keeping these longitudinal transitions smooth for uncluttered deck movement was as important as keeping the lateral shape streamlined for any side wind effect. The nose rocker was raised slightly to allow a more neutral glide sensation. The narrow nose transforms smoothly into a single concave bottom extending all the way to the tail. This creates a long water line resulting in great linear glide and directional stability. The tail became wider and furnished with more volume. This also dramatically improves stability especially at pivot turning. You get the most of every paddle stroke that gives you the winning edge!

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