RS:One Boom
RS:One Boom
RS:One Boom

RS:One Boom


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Oversized mast cup??in glass fiber reinforced injection moulding and monocoque aluminium tail extension for rigidity and strength.

Harness line scale??for easy harness lines adjustment.

Pressure flow forged aluminum head??with VT joint lateral locating button prevents side to side movement while allowing articulation and exceptional stiffness.

T6 series alloy arms??with high level of heat treatment attained, creating stiffer and stronger arms.

30 mm Handgrip diameter??for optimum comfort and performance.

Outhaul kit set??for instant outhaul trimming while sailing.


'Pressure Flow Forging'??is an innovative technology that allows for shaping of exceptionally stiff aluminum tubing.

The metal is allowed to 'flow' rather than stretch into shape. Fluid is injected at very high pressure into the aluminum tube that
causes it to expand until it matches an external female mold.

The process increases the density of the complex shapes that result in the strongest and most rigid aluminum booms on the market.
We also place the boom arms inside the head tube and this results in the outside diameter of the head being increased.

As a final production process, this already high tech piece is heat tempered to create highest stiffness and strength.


Boom Length Adjust/CM Arm Diameter/MM Adjustment
RS:One 200-250 50 30 Twin pin Lever

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