RS:One Mast

RS:One Mast


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Filament Winding: construction process to guarantee strong durability.

Moderate wall thickness: for better handling.

The??light weight: of 2.2kg to maximize the low end performance and ease of turning.

Progressive flex: allows the sail to twist as dynamically and efficiently as possible.

NeilPryde's "Progressive Flex" bend curve maximizes sail performance and twist in two ways:

1.It combines a stiffer bottom section with a lightweight and responsive top section. A stiffer bottom section is required for draft stability and power, while the lightweight and responsive top section provides release in the head of the sail for control.

2.The defined taper of the mast improves it's responsiveness and dynamic performance. It does this by progressively flexing depending on the wind strength and the amount of load in the rig.??

Simply speaking, as the wind strength increases, a sail will twist and the mast will bend from the top downwards. In light winds, only the top of the sail will twist so maximum power is available to the rider. In stronger winds, the sail twist will extend further down the leech to increase the level of control. The better a mast can progressively react to changes in the winds speed, the better a sail can react giving the rider maximum power, control stability and speed.


Mast Length/CM Imcs Weight Carbon content??
RS:One 460 460 25 2.2kg 65%

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