Slalom 62 PRO 2018

Slalom 62 PRO 2018


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We never put more effort into developing our Slalom line. Mr Gnigler made more prototypes than ever. Our main riders lead by Malte Reuscher and Nico Warembourg tested them around the globe to make sure that they work in all kind of conditions. It was great to see how motivated and hardworking those young talents were – and it paid off.

The new generation is based on the concept we introduced in 2016 were radical changes took place. Fine-tuning each size, optimizing and matching all shape details for great overall performance was the goal. Sometimes those changes look small but they make all the difference on the race course were often only a few meters decide if you make it to the top.

The base is a short compact board with a rather parallel outline maximizing the planing surface around the mast base. This lifts the boards instantly onto the plane. With the sunk-in deck we lowered the rig position and achieved great top end control.

We want maximum lift to get going immediately. With the new fine-tuned tail cut-outs we are able to handle this lift and let the boards fly over the water as they release the pressure towards the tail. Going fast requires less physical effort.

The cut-outs create two tail outlines. The deck outline is wider and lets the rider push harder towards the fin – resulting in better acceleration and a looser, faster ride. The narrower bottom outline reduces the wetted surface. You basically ride on a smaller board. This narrow bottom tail creates a lot of outline curve which allows the rider to trim the board perfectly and steer it with little effort.

The bottom features a combination of a flat mid section, with V further forward and towards the tail. The flat section between the straps produces additional lift which lets the board fly. The V further forward and in the tail makes it easy to initiate your jibes. The V in the tail opens up the rail line and additionally helps to release pressure.

The deck shapes enables the rider to push hard and feel very connected. The bigger sizes have fuller rails for better leverage and on the smaller boards the rails become slightly rounder. This makes it easier to get in and out the straps.

We increased our range to 7 sizes. The 3 new high wind boards 55, 60 and 62 do not only cater for intense Slalom racing but are also perfectly suited for Long Distance Racing like the DEFI Wind.
For the medium winds we developed a new 68 and left the 71 unchanged.
For light wind we developed 2 new shapes – the 82 and 85.

Chose the sizes that fit to your size and weight and push the pedal to the metal