Thruster Quad PRO 2018
Thruster Quad PRO 2018
Thruster Quad PRO 2018

Thruster Quad PRO 2018


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76 / 84 / 89 / 95 / 102



This has been our best selling wave line. Because of its overall wave performance, control and versatility it can be used anywhere at anytime by anybody.

British WINDSURF confirms that it is “…very fast! And combined with control comes the ability to sail in an explosive, expressive manner”. French WIND appreciated its performance in side and side onshore.

The bottom includes a moderate version of the Radical’s deep double concaves and therefore features similar virtues: it is JP’s fastest wave all-rounder in a classic shape. The progressive Vee towards the tail results in a rather rockered rail line which – together with the additional curve in the outline – enhances the overall maneuverability. The speed it carries smoothly into the turn, its precise carving and instant response makes it shine in powerful side offshore conditions as well as it suits onshore waves.

Compared to the Slate, this all-rounder has a gunny appearance resulting in an easy, very reliable, traditional wave board feel. Its predictability and control in a wide range of conditions are its strengths!

The Thruster Quad is a fast and exciting board which builds up speed rapidly and feels lively and exciting. The speed potential comes from the flat bottom line inside the concaves under the foot straps lifting the board onto the plane early and accelerating rapidly. You can exploit its velocity in all water states to launch off every wave to insane height and thus it even qualifies as bump and jump high wind board.

This season the boards come with a bigger tail fin resulting in earlier planing and more drive. The additional rear tail fin boxes allow to experiment with a quad setup for additional control and tighter turns.

>> This fast wave all-rounder can be tuned to suit all wave conditions. It offers a huge range of use, is great fun in small waves and also performs in big rollers. It provides the speed to launch off every ramp explosively and to fly seriously high.

The boards additionally come with plugs to cover all fin boxes.
PRO EDITION in S-Glass Technology with stringers and basalt rails.

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