Dominating at the Tampa Bay Invasion!

The Adventure Sports and Cabrinha team showed up in full force to this year's annual Tampa Bay Kite Invasion, taking the overall victory in 3 of the possible 5 categories!
The Tampa Bay Kite Invasion is a unique 10-mile downwind all out sprint race where teams of two compete on the same style board (Twin Tip and Surfboard categories). Points are combined dependent on overall finishes across the line and the team with the lowest combined score wins...for example, if a racer finishes 2nd and their teammate finishes 3rd, they finish as a team with 5 total points.
Team categories at this event were Twin Tip and Surfboard, with Foils and Wing Dings as individually scored races.
The Adventure Sports and Cabrinha team showed up to this event in full force with Damien LeRoy and Kent Marinkovic on surfboards and Andy Umana and Joseph Prieto on twin tips. Also on the Cabrinha team was Brendan Healy and Jason D'Agostino racing the AV8 foils and kites, as well as Paula Marinkovic and Peter Nick on twin tips.
The conditions came together beautifully for the race with the first cold front of the Florida winter season arriving the night before, bringing fresh 20 knot winds and temps in the low 70s. All together, nearly 60 competitors made it to the starting line with the Cabrinha team dominating the standings! Damien and Kent finished 5th and 7th overall, securing 1st in the Surfboard Division. Andy and Joseph crossed the line 9th and 10th overall, locking up the overall win in the Twin Tip Division. Paula finished 23rd across the line, securing the win in the Women's Division and Jason and Brendan finished 2nd and 3rd overall and were the first LE kites across the line, dominating the ram air foil racers!!
Kent and Paula      Kent and Damo
This was a fantastic result for our team and their first showing as a group at a major event under Cabrinha's new ownership! Needless to say, the future is blindingly bright for our group and the stoke level is literally off the charts!
A HUGE thank you to Elite Watersports of St. Pete, FL and their entire team of volunteers, staff, and supporters for making this event an unforgettable experience! Event management was top notch and all proceeds benefited the Tampa Bay Watch, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Tampa Bay estuary.
Following racing, all competitors were treated to a fun outdoor experience with beverages on the beach and endless banter of their race experience.

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