First Annual King of the Bay

Written By: Katelin Stecz
This weekend the Adventure Sports team hosted its first annual King of the Bay kiteboarding competition at their Matheson Hammock Concession. Matheson Hammock park is Miami’s best flatwater kiteboarding destination, and it proved to be the perfect location for Miami’s best kiteboarders to battle it out for the ultimate title. 
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The competition kicked off at 10 AM. Kiters registered, received their goodie bags filled with Cabrinha Hats, JerseysHoodies and got ready for the event to start. The event was generously sponsored by Sun Bum, so participants and spectators were safe from the Miami sun! 
Matheson Hammock
There were 4 contestants in the men’s amateur division, 4 in the women’s pro division, and 8 in the men’s pro division. Many of the contestants were either locals or a part of the Adventure Sports family, so there was a lot of camaraderie and familiar faces! 
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The day started out slow with minimal wind but later picked up in the afternoon. In the meantime, participating kiters battled it out in a kayak tug-of-war contest. This preliminary activity got everyone ready for the competition that was to come. After a lot of waiting and anticipation, the wind finally picked up around 3 PM to 12-14 knots. 
All the kiters pumped up their kites and headed out to the water for some practice before the men’s amateur division started. Miami locals and some of Matheson’s instructors battled it in this division, but kiting instructor Santiago Aguirre came out on top. He was riding a 15M 0S3 Cabrinha Contra. Just one tenant of proof that Contra is the ultimate light wind kite. 
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Next up was the women’s pro division. At this point, the wind picked up a couple of knots and was a steady 13-15 throughout the women’s pro division. Team riders battled it out in this heat, and Matheson Hammock’s own Andrea Betancourt took home the title of Queen of the Bay. She, too, won the event on a 15M Contra
Queen of the Bay
The last round of the competition was the much-awaiting men’s pro division. Everyone was excited to see what tricks the kiters were going to throw down and needless to say the participants delivered. In the men’s pro, there was a lot of competition. With SoFlo-sponsored riders, kiters from Marathon, Miami natives, and international competitors, no one could anticipate who would take home the title of King of the Bay. But Mariano Pancorvo from Peru came out on top riding a 13 M Contra. 
King of the Bay
All the winners took home new items from Cabrinha’s :03 collection, and longtime Matheson locals and Adventure Sports team riders Andy Umana and Joseph Prieto judged the event. After the competition, spectators had the chance to demo some of the kites and boards from Cabrinha’s :03 new collection. 
King of the Bay
Even though it was a light wind day in Miami, the King of the Bay competition was a success and tested kiters limits and skill level. The big question of the day was, who has what takes to compete in light wind. And the remaining question is: will the winners be able to defend their title for next year?
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