Paddlers Stuck At Home?!

Author: Raul Ruiz
We've had a wrench thrown into our daily routines. By now we are all dealing with the new norm of social distancing, staying home whenever possible and avoiding crowds. These new recommendations can put a damper on daily routines. To add more to the mix, we seem to keep losing access to our favorites launch spots like beaches, parks and marinas. The situation is so fluid -things are happening on a daily basis. Granted, this is for the betterment of our society but, what do you do when you are a landlocked ocean addict and use paddleboarding as your main form of exercise and vitamin D?
Well my friends in desperate times you just need to get creative!!
We were able to rig our Imagine Icon ISUP in our pool and get that much needed stress relieving session. Check out this fun video and let us know what you are doing to pass the time during the coronavirus pandemic!

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