Rickenbacker Causeway Wing Demo

This past Saturday, the team at Adventure Sports hosted our very first wing demo on the Rickenbacker Causeway Beach.  To nobody’s surprise, the event was a smashing success made even better by the gorgeous conditions!  Demo goers arrived to champagne winging conditions with sunny skies, temps in the mid 70s and winds out of the East at 12-15 knots.  Turnout was off the charts with several newbies to the sport giving it a go for the very first time!  The inherent nature of wing surfing allows complete beginners to give it a try with zero stress!  Launching is easy and the lack of lines and need for a large launching/landing area, as with kiting, makes for super simple logistics!  
Participants started off with a land lesson in the basics of winging, assisted by the Adventure Sports team. Once the land practice was done, everyone was given the choice between getting started on a paddleboard or going directly to the Cabrinha X:Fly. With the stability and size of the X:Fly, everyone was able to stand and gain control over the wing without even thinking about the board, making the learning curve nearly vertical! 
Some participants that came out to try the gear specifically were pleasantly surprised with the Crosswing X2 and its power vs comparable wings on the open market, even with the moderate winds.  At the end of the day, a memorable time was had by all with complementary beverages and smiling helping hands….at a safe distance, of course!  No doubt that some future wingers were made, and we absolutely cannot wait to host another one of these!  Stay tuned and don’t miss your next opportunity to give the wing thing a shot! 
In the meantime, don't forget your wing gear HERE or your local Adventure Sports!
Thank you to Lizi Ruiz for the photos of the event!
Crosswing DemoWing 360
Winging Instruction

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