Ryan Levinson and An Adaptive Life in the Water

This Ocean Life is an interesting Podcast that encloses inspiring stories of people that have the ocean as a central part of their lives. On Episode 30, our team rider and inspiration Ryan Levinson had the opportunity to share his story. Listen below.
~ Camila Blain

This Ocean Life, Episode #30 – Ryan Levinson and An Adaptive Life in the Water

Explicit and mature content.

“Ryan Levinson, a legend in the water who reached incredible levels of success beyond what most of us would dream about — all while battling Muscular Dystrophy (MD). He shares his story of being diagnosed with MD, and the path he set for himself to push beyond any limits in the ocean: as a member of US Sailing Team, scuba instructor, director of EMS/Rescue for the Big Wave World Tour, kiteboarder, and more. This legend shares an inspiring and positive perspective on adopting new ocean activities as his MD progressed, continually finding solace and flow in the ocean”.
This Ocean Life

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