Stay at Home - Episode III: Stuck in Switzerland


I got stuck in Switzerland, a country without oceans, but still had my 2020 FX.

A while back, I had a choice. Get stuck in California solo, or hop on a last minute flight back to Switzerland to be with my wife and kids who were there already. 

It was an easy decision, and I quickly flew back to Switzerland last week. They were not able to come to CA because the flights into the US were already restricted and no longer an option to travel with a 3 year old. 

A lot of people are stuck around the world with no way to get out and the cabin fever is setting in. But I am thankful I can be with my family and we are doing ok. We even have a nice deck with a view. A great place to dry my newest 2020 FX after I had to pack it up quickly last week in California! Had a great storm session in the Bay Area right before, but then it became clear that I had to rush back to my family in Europe before I could get separated from them. There was not time for anything I just had to hurry to the airport from one day to the next, with soggy FX in tow. Here is to keeping the stoke alive and let's hope we all get back on the water soon!

Happy to be spreading the stoke, and representing all the way from Switzerland!


-Guido Zimmerman


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