Summer Essentials

Summertime is here, it's time to start thinking about the essentials to make it great. From fun beach days to amazing boat days, these are the summer essentials to make the most of the season! Kick back, relax, and enjoy summer!


Really good looking while meant to take a beating! Knockarounds are polarized lenses to keep you fashionable while helping the environment. That’s right—for every pound of plastic Knockaround uses in production, they remove a pound of ocean-bound plastic from the environment elsewhere!
Stay protected this summer with our collection of sun essentials. From Sun Bum, Raw Elements, Salt and Stone to Maui Vera. We have you covered for all your sun skincare needs!


Gecko Phone Dry Bag

You don’t have to sacrifice your screentime for the seaside. The Float Phone Dry Bag protects your cell phone from water, rain, sand, and snow, allowing you to traverse every terrain and body of water while documenting it with your phone. A touch-screen-compatible clear window grants access to your device without removing it from the protection of the waterproof pouch so you can call, text, and surf the web while on the water - a game-changing feature for emergencies or sharing your adventures with friends and family



Inflatable Paddleboards

From calm flatwater to waves, this inflatable board provides a perfect balance of comfort, function and fun on the water. Created to make storage and transportation easy and convenient for anyone with limited space or looking for packability.



Sand Cloud Towels + Blankets

Don't go to the beach and spend time on tiny towels. Sand Cloud Blankets and Towels are woven with longer fibers than your average terrycloth beach towel creating a stronger, softer material. The strength of the turkish cotton can be found in every Sand Cloud Beach Towel so you can take it on all of your crazy summer adventures.



Bodyguard Bug Spray

Finally a bug spray that doesn't smell like bugspray. Bodyguard has a very unique formula that differentiates our product from most other natural sprays. Bodyguard uses Neem oil as its active ingredient to repel bugs compared to the common citronella or lemongrass found in other bug sprays. It has a unique smell that no other bug spray has it is a coconut-lemongrass smell which most people say reminds them of the summers in the '80s.



Dry Bags

Taking a paddle or kayak excursion? Keep those valuables dry in a watertight dry bag. The best selection from Dakine, Osprey, Cressi, Gecko to choose from!



The Adventure Mat

It's time for SUMMER! Don't forget to add a floating mat to your water and boat day fun. The perfect mat to hang and lounge out on or hold your watersports gear while you take a break! Choose the blue side or green and be ready to relax with your friends and family!


Aloha Bag

ALOHA Collection's bags and pouches are a perfect everyday essential and the perfect beach bags! Aloha's technical fabric is lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean, and ready for travel. Keep your stuff protected against splashes, spills, and weather while on the go.



Cressi Snorkeling Set

Palau SAF (Short Adjustable Fin) are very special fins, designed for swimming and snorkeling, but above all for all those who practice water sports and that only need the fins in particular situations. For example for those who practice all kinds of surfing and windsurfing, rafting, canoeing etc. and also for those who practice their favorite sports offshore. Palau SAF has a very soft, short blade and a foot pocket that allows it to be put on in seconds, even when in the water.

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