The 3 Most Common Beginner Windsurfing Mistakes

The 3 Most Common Beginner Windsurfing Mistakes

So, you want to be a windsurfer, huh? Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Good news—you’re probably right! Even though windsurfing may look complicated, you won’t have trouble getting the hang of it! All it takes is a good instructor and a little bit of practice. That said, you may still make a mistake or two here and there. Read on and learn the three most common beginner windsurfing mistakes.

Ignoring Basic Needs

When you’re windsurfing, there are two major things to consider, in addition to any skills and techniques you’re trying to work on: hydration and sun safety. When you take to the water on a hot day, you’re setting yourself up for a rough situation if you don’t take your needs seriously.

Stay hydrated leading up to your trip to the beach and pause your windsurfing excursion periodically to drink. We know you don’t want anything to interrupt your time on the water, but don’t mess around with dehydration! Similarly, ignoring the power of the sun can be dangerous. Wear sunscreen, a rashguard, and leggings to avoid seriously damaging your skin.

Starting Out on a Small Board

Smaller boards are good for tricks, and tricks look fun. But don’t buy a board you think you’ll progress into in time—there are different board sizes for a reason. Starting with a small board is like trying to build a house of cards on a seesaw—maybe you’ll make it happen eventually, but you won’t have any fun as you try.

Picking the Wrong Spot

Every windsurfer must start somewhere, and that includes letting others see you mess up. Don’t take yourself to a remote cove and try windsurfing there—there’s a reason everyone is gathered somewhere else. Other locations are safer and have the best wind, so follow the other windsurfers! We’ve all done the walk of shame before—don’t worry.

Now that you know the three most common beginner windsurfing mistakes, don’t make them! Our honest advice is to work with a good instructor as you’re starting your windsurfing journey. And if you need gear, check out Adventure Sports USA! We have the high-quality windsurfing sail you’re looking for. Check out our website today!

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