The 4 Best Windsurfing Spots in the United States


When you’re landlocked most of the year, sometimes all you want to do is figure out when and where you’ll next hit the water. We’re here to indulge that particular dream by telling you the four best windsurfing spots in the United States.

San Francisco Bay, California

Vistas don’t get much more iconic than this. When you’re looking for a windsurfing experience unlike any other, San Francisco Bay is an absolute must. Whether you want to surf competitively or recreationally, there’s something for you here (not to mention a pretty great view).

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks are begging for you to windsurf them. These barrier islands in North Carolina are as unique as they are fun to surf! You can be a beginner or an expert and find something fun to do here—head to Cape Hatteras for some wind, or choose Nags Head if you’re just starting out.

Lake Michigan, Illinois

There are great spots for windsurfing in the north, too! If Illinois is a little closer to you than California or the Carolinas, head on up to Lake Michigan and enjoy a lake that’s basically just a small ocean. You can experience big gusts of wind and relatively warm water (assuming you go in the summer). When you’re done windsurfing, you can also see the gigantic, shiny bean in Chicago!

Merritt Island, Florida

All the windsurfers out there know that the gulf is great for windsurfing. Merritt Island comes with calm vibes and fun water. Enjoy a sparkling-blue ocean and quite a lot of excitement as you ride like the wind and fly across the water!

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Now that you know the four best windsurfing spots in the United States, what are you waiting for? All these incredible locations are just begging you to come and enjoy them!

By the way, we just chose our five current favorites, but we know there are a ton of other great spots! If your top pick didn’t make this list, maybe we just haven’t tried it yet. Find us on Facebook or Instagram, and let us know where you love to windsurf!

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