Dakine Kids Ranger Surf Hybrid Chest Zip 5/4mm
Dakine Kids Ranger Surf Hybrid Chest Zip 5/4mm

Dakine Kids Ranger Surf Hybrid Chest Zip 5/4mm


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If you want to test the durability of a wetsuit, give it to a kid. We designed our new Ranger kid’s wetsuits to be the most durable all-around adventure hardwear for swimming, scrambling, surfing, river running or anything else that revolves around water. This multi-purpose suit is made to take constant beatings and last, with reinforced neoprene panels in high-wear areas like the elbows, seat, knees and lower front legs. The body panel thickness adds warmth and buoyancy, while high-stretch areas feature flexible S-type neoprene. The chest-zip design ensures that water always stays on the outside, and our tapered 5/4/3-millimeter thickness provides warmth and flexibility where they matter the most. And with a soft-feel collar and an emergency whistle, the Ranger Surf Hybrid Chest-Zip 5/4/3MM suit emphasizes safety for water-based adventures of all types. What’s more, the Ranger’s incredible durability gives it unrivaled resale or hand-me-down value for when it’s inevitably outgrown.

  • RESIST panels in elbow, seat, knee and lower front leg
  • FLX_THERMO lining in stretch areas
  • Protective print on chest and forearm
  • Partially taped and critically taped seam junctions
  • Panel thickness designed for bouyancy
  • True thickness throughout
  • 3D stitch
  • S type Neoprene in all stretch panels
  • D foam Neoprene in high wear areas
  • Soft feel collar
  • Emergency whistle
  • Cascade Camo unisex print in arms