Miami Kite Masters 2022

Pretty incredible showing by the Cabrinha Team at the 2022 Miami Kite Masters at Crandon Park put on by Miami Kiteboarding. Great job running five total events in a single day with the first ever Freestyle Wing Event. Conditions were absolutely gorgeous and a bit chilly for April but the breeze hung in there all day and made for some great spectating and riding! 

Miami Kite Masters

Some result highlights from our team:
1st Place : Joseph Prieto

Wing Race
1st Place: Jon Modica
3rd Place: Gwen Le Tutor

Twin Tip Slalom
1st Place : Daniel Ware
2nd Place: Brian Kamilar

Wing Freestyle
2nd Place: Gwen Le Tutor
Miami Wing
Miami Kite Freestyle
Miami Wing
Miami Wingfoiling
All Photography by Daniele Del Gaudio

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