Virtual Challenge Grand Finale

What was meant to be a windless day turned out to be the most stunning Virginia Key community day yet! Kiters, wingers, paddlers joined us and gathered in the tiki huts to celebrate the end of March Madness and award the winners of the Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge. 

There were many laughs, compliments, requests for the future of the virtual challenge but everyone is excited to do it again. The virtual challenge is a month long event in which competitors compete on their home turf to log as many miles as possible on the water. Divisions consist of kitesurfing, wingfoiling, paddleboarding and outrigger canoe with competitors joining in from all over Florida, California, Hawaii, to as far as Australia. The month begins strong and the competition quickly becomes fierce as participants try to one up each other. With this years' introduction of the 36hr upload rule we leveled the playing field in terms of mental warfare and enjoyed the mile by mile uploads. The prizes were hot consisting of Cabrinha Kites, Dakine Wings, Quickblade and Puakea Paddles. Competing for these prizes participants totaled 14,575 miles on the water in March. New records were placed in many categories with the vision to go even further. See winners below. 

Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge 
 Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge
Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge Candice Appleby Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge
Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge
Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge


2022 Winners

Ultimate Trifecta
SUP 44.85 mi
KITE 1432.73 mi
WING 28.85 mi

SUP 25.11 mi
KITE 105.27 mi
WING 115.97 mi
SUP 100.48 mi
OC 26 mi
WING 91.95 mi
Kitesurfing Overall
1. L. MORRIS 1432.73 mi
2. I. ASIAIN SANCHO 1000.93 mi
3. A. GOYENECHE 657.87 mi
Kitesurfing Female
1. V. SOULAVY 454.89 mi
2. A. MATIA 202.18 mi
3. L. RAMONDA 28.84 mi
1. A. SOUZA 310.36 mi
2. A. MURLING 241.24 mi
3. L. CORZO-RUIZ 36 mi
SUP Overall
1. A. SOMOANO 305.6 mi
2. A. SUBDIAZ 272.81 mi
3. C. APPLEBY 265.24 mi
 Wingfoiling Overall
1. C. SCOTT 1320.33 mi
2. N. WOISARD 690.5 mi
3. W. LEADY 522.86 mi

Join in on the fun next year! Log the miles you already spend on the water, become part of the exclusive Mile High Club as you reach different milestones and compete for the glory of being the Adventure Sports Virtual Challenge winners. 



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