Spooktacular Halloween Adventure

From Pirates, Butterflies and Minions to Tiger King himself Matheson Hammock was filled with characters ready for an adventure on Halloween! The pumpkins were out, candy was set and the Monster Mash was on the tune of the day. 
Everything began with SUP Yoga with Shelby and the Imagine Surf Crew!
Pirate Shelby
Beginners were able to experience the relaxation while drifting with the current.
An awesome time to help everyone get ready for more competitive events.
Imagine Yoga
Once everyone was in the racing spirit, the SUP Sprint + Obstacles began! The competition was fierce between the teams of two but to make things a bit more fair, we made the race a One Design on Imagine Bulas. Competitors bumped elbows and boards to get around the far bouy, some even dumped their paddles and proned back to gain distance on others. 
SUP Sprint Race
Before tagging in their partners, competitors had to run the Coconut Obstacle Course. Some sly moves were made when the second group of competitors raced for the boards to head for bouy. Explosions of coconuts happened when the final teammate had to make three coconuts into the bin. The race was close but finally Chip and Angel were crowned the winners!
Chip and Angel
It was time to get the grill going and crown the winners of our costume contest! It was natural that the Tiger King Gang took the win on this one and scored themselves awesome Cabrinha Miir Waterbottles!
Tiger King
Thank you to the Imagine Surf Crew for coming out to make the 2021 Halloween most memorable!
Bula Racer
Matheson BBQ
Photos: Lizi Ruiz

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