Welcoming the RV Home to Miami

After a successful first season US Tour with the Newfound Freedom RV, a collaboration between Cabrinha and Estuary Beans & Barley, we finally welcomed Gwen back to Miami with a demo at our Matheson Hammock Concession and a shop party at our Coconut Grove Store.
The day was looking a little grim in terms of wind until magically around 2pm the Miami Winds kicked on and gave us two hours of pure light-wind bliss. The kites were up and foilers were out, beginners were stoked to test the Crosswing X3 and get winging on Imagine Bulas
We wrapped things up and the RV headed towards the Grove for party prep. Guests began arriving around 6pm, the RV tap system was tapped and the beer began flowing. Good vibes were all around all night long!
Couldn't make it to the party?
Find out all about the Cabrinha and Estuary Beans & Barley collaboration: 
We hope to see you at our next event! 
Check out some photos from the event and the tour...
Newfound Freedom RV
Newfound Freedom Tour
Newfound Freedom Tour
Newfound Freedom Tour

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