Tips for Introducing Your Kid To Wing Foiling

Tips for Introducing Your Kid To Wing Foiling

Water sports like wing foiling are incredibly fun, especially when you have friends and family to share the experience with. Suitable for all ages, you should encourage your child to try out wing foiling for themselves. Here are a few tips for introducing your grom to wing foiling that will help them become comfortable and thoroughly prepared to hit the water.

Finding the Right Equipment

First, you must ensure your kid has everything they need to succeed in the sport. You’ll want to provide your child with a pair of smaller hydrofoil wings and a hydrofoil board that fits their size. Having your child practice using wings or a board that is too large for them will make it difficult to control themselves – their lighter weight may also allow the wings to pull them off their board!

While practice will occur in shallow water, it’s always a good idea to provide your child with a life vest as a precaution, such as if they are accidentally carried away from shore.

Start on Land

One of the best tips for introducing your kid to wing foiling is by starting on land using a landboard. This is a much easier and safer entry point for kids to learn how to catch the wind and keep their balance on their board without the risk of getting dragged away from the shoreline. Eventually, when they feel ready, they’ll be able to graduate to the water and have a much easier adjustment period.

Practice Alongside Them

Committing to new hobbies and lifestyles can be very difficult, especially if you’re a kid. To help keep your child motivated, you should practice alongside them. This will take practice from being a chore to a fun activity they get to do with you until their practice pays off and they can cruise the waves. Plus, like working out, having a buddy to practice with helps them stay accountable and committed even when they’re struggling to motivate themselves.

Professional Lessons for Kids

Like swimming lessons, there are plenty of opportunities to find your child wing foiling lessons if you are not experienced. Experts with experience in teaching kids lead these lessons, so they’ll know how to best support your child as they get ahold of the sport. It’s also an excellent resource for learning what equipment is best for them!

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