Types of Kitesurfing Kites

Kitesurfing Kites

If you are just getting into kitesurfing, it can be hard to figure out what equipment you should invest in because all kitesurfing kites look so similar. With experience, you will gain your style of riding and be able to choose between a freestyle, wave, or all-around kite. Until then, we want to ensure you don’t buy something you end up not using. Let’s take a look at the different types of kitesurfing kites and what they offer.

Foil Kites

Foil kites have a design that is similar to parachutes. Because of the number of air chambers, the kite looks and feels a lot like a pillow once it catches the wind and fills up with air. Foil kites are also favored for their efficiency when going upwind and for how much speed and lift they can provide for jumps. However, this is not a beginner-friendly design and might not be the best investment for someone still learning. This is because of the special way of launching the kite and the difficulty of water relaunch.

C Kites

C kites, named after their distinctive C-shape, feature squared wing tips and a lack of a bridle. This design has been described as having a “grippy” feeling when in the air and grants an incredible sense of power and control. Furthermore, these kites are durable and easy to set up, allowing you to get to the fun part much faster. C kites are geared toward freestylers and advanced or competitive kiters, so hold off on purchasing one of these until you get into those back loops.

Bow Kites

Of the different types of kitesurfing kites, bow kites are by far the most common. A bow kite is a go-to choice for both beginners and intermediate users because it offers easy water relaunch and possesses an impressive ability to depower. Bow kites offer a great wind range for versatility for the rider. With this kite, you will maximize fun for years to come.

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Delta Kites

Delta kites are a variant of the bow kite that feature more swept-back wings and are short and fat in their shape. This creates a more direct feel while in the air that gives you the best characteristics of bow kites and C kites. Most importantly, delta kites are also easy to relaunch, like bow kites.

Hybrid Kites

Finally, you may see hybrid kites that vary in definition between manufacturers. Hybrid kites can help you find designs that are specifically geared for certain preferences, but their features and abilities will always depend on the manufacturer’s designs and intentions. This option may be best saved for once you’re experienced and know what you like in your kites.

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