Wave Slate 87 PRO 2018
Wave Slate 87 PRO 2018
Wave Slate 87 PRO 2018

Wave Slate 87 PRO 2018


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We developed 3 totally new shapes for 2018. The concept is still based on a parallel outline which is the foundation of this board line. It reduces drag and increases lift, resulting in more speed and earlier planing while its short length makes critical, tight turns feel very natural.


It offers the most efficient volume distribution possible and makes the board extremely stable, even when not planing. This means that the boards can be shorter and narrower than previous concepts. The swing weight is more centered, speeding up rotations and change of direction.

We reduced the board’s nose and tail width. The narrower nose in combination with additional rocker in the front gives you a safer feel on the wave during turns and when lining up jumps.The smaller tail makes the board more versatile on the wave face and going vertical very easy.
The bottom shape includes various V and concave shape concepts. The nose entry and front section of the board is equipped with strong V for a soft entry. Between the foot straps we use a deep single concave which creates a flat section. Due to the channel effect of the concave the water accelerates and provides additional lift for early planing and high speed. Towards the tail we use a flat V for great water release.

The new Wave Slate uses in general a flatter rocker along the center-line than the previous generation. This increases early planing and speed performance. The stronger V definition and narrower outline at nose and tail gives the board a curvier rail line compared to the first generation. The combination of the above-mentioned shape features gives the boards 2 totally different rocker lines.

The center line is quite flat and responsible for its speed and early planing performance. Once railed up, the curvy rail line takes over and delivers outstanding maneuverability. This bottom concept is widely used in surf boards and the performance is proven. The result combines the surf board feeling with the performance expected from a modern windsurf board.
The boards come with a THRUSTER fin setup but the hull is equipped with 2 Mini Tuttle and 3 Slot Boxes. It opens up all trim options -also QUAD- and suits every rider’s style.

>> Our goal was to widen the range of use and deliver outstanding performance in any conditions and we are proud to say that this is JP’s best-ever wave all-rounder.