Wildsyde Shadow

Wildsyde Shadow


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Shadow™️ is our popular all-purpose vintage-styled electric cruiser, featuring a high centre mounted 'gas' tank, swept back cruiser-style handlebars and color-coordinated components for the complete retro look.

Seriously comfortable, stylish and easy to ride, the Shadow is ideal for commuting, cruising around town, or a trip to the beach – all while looking seriously cool...



Vintage-style gas tank serves as storage space for the battery. And not a trace of gasoline, anywhere...!


Superb matching front & rear full fenders and rear bike rack, with integrated hard-wired taillight.


Front, hard-wired 4” wide, 32 LED ‘light up the road’ vintage style headlight. Who's afraid of the dark...? 



The Wildsyde Shadow, built to the exact same power and electronic specifications as the Hunni Bunni and Beast, is a real cool customer around town!

 A vintage styled beach cruiser, emulating the look of a classic motorcycle with the high center mounted ‘gas’ tank, 2.35” wide balloon tires and swept back cruiser style handlebars has the power of a beast but with seriously distinctive looks. The matching front & rear full fenders and rear bike rack, complemented by the distinctive leather-look handlebar grips, saddle & tires provide stylish contrasting detailing & a touch of luxury.

The powerful rear hub motor generating 81N m of torque effortlessly powers up to a max speed of 20mph, while the hydraulic disc brakes have no problems pulling on the reins and bringing this guy to a halt. As a class 2 electric bicycle, it does have 5 levels of Pedal Assist (PAS) or power zones to get you up to speed while getting the legs and heart moving, but if you want to just kick back and relax the thumb throttle will allow you to do just that. If you really want to maximize your range and put some in serious pedalling, the 7 speed Shimano shifter with the massive 14-34 tooth megarange rear cassette will make climbing hills a little easier, at the top change up to a harder gear and start picking up the pace. The classic 2.35” wide Schwalbe Frank Frank tires make for a cushy and comfortable ride while being lighter, nimbler and more maneuverable than the wider tires used on the Beast.The Wildsyde Shadow is truly versatile- not only can you use it for moving around quickly and efficiently, avoiding traffic congestion and parking hassles, you can also use it to haul your toys. Whether loading up the rack and optional pannier baskets with your sports equipment, groceries or market day goodies, heading to the beach with your surfboard or a night out on the town with friends, the Shadow will make it fun, enjoyable and put a big smile on your face.

With a top speed of 20mph, an electric bike can take time off your commute, especially in heavy rush hour traffic. The throttle and effective PAS system helps you maintain speed without breaking a sweat, so you can show up at the office, a meeting or destination of choice fresh, calm, collected and ready to roll into whatever life brings you. Like all Wildsyde electric bikes, having a battery is eco-friendly, reducing your dependency on the car and helping to minimize the use of fossil fuels. Think of the money you save in gas and parking fees.  

For some riding an ebike simply goes against their belief that you should work hard when you are on a bike. Fair enough, but we like to think life is not always about grinding up the backside of a mountain, and sometimes you just want to take things easy and enjoy time in the saddle. There are hundreds of electric bikes out there, many of them very utilitarian in their appearance, boring and run of the mill. Wildsyde electric bikes are anything but - they are different, stylish and way more than just cool. Our bikes take you back to a time in your life, when riding a bike was fun, not a chore. We bring the inner child out in you again, take you back to your youth and compliment that young at heart lifestyle you choose to live.


Battery: Large, powerful 48v 17.5Ah battery producing 840watt hours, keeps you going for longer

Battery Weight: 9lbs (4kg)

Bicycle Weight: 68lbs (31kgs), including battery

Charging Time: 7 hours from empty

Class 2: Electric Bicycle: governed at 20mph to meet Class 2 specifications (with 5 speed PAS, and thumb activated throttle)

Distance/Cruising Range: 35-50 miles depending on various geographic, environmental and physical criteria

Max load: 265lb/120Kg

Motor: 500w 48v latest generation hub gear brushless BAFANG motor producing 81N m power

Size Range: One size, ideally fits someone 5’ 4” and above

Standover Height: 29”