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Extremely Strong Bed Rack with Adjustable Height for Maximum Capability

Adding a bed rack to your truck of choice is almost always awesome. What's not awesome is getting stuck with a non-adjustable bed rack that's never in quite the right position to handle or cargo or can only do one thing particularly well. That's where Yakima's Overhaul HD Adjustable Bed Rack comes in. Yakima's Overhaul Rack easily drops onto your truck's bed rails using a no-drill clamp system and features height-adjustable towers that can stand anywhere from 19" to 30" tall so that you can carry all sorts of of gear, whether its oversized or perfectly bed-sized. The Overhaul HD features a durable construction and has an on-road load rating of 500lbs and an off-road load rating of 300lbs, letting you carry everything you need just about anywhere you choose. The Overhaul HD can even handle most roof-top-tents, which helps make your truck overland-ready in practically no time at all. The Overhaul HD is compatible with Yakima HD Crossbars, which must be purchased separately.

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