:03 Cabrinha Matheson Demo Recap

Cabrinha 03 Kites
Written By: Katelin Stecz
Last Thursday the Adventure Sports Team hosted a demo at one of the best kiteboarding spots in Miami, Matheson Hammock Park. Due to its shallow, flat waters and easy accessibility, Matheson Hammock is paradise for Miami kiteboarders. Even though the wind in Miami can be a bit unpredictable, the conditions were perfect to try out the new Cabrinha :03 collection. 
At a consistent 14-17 knots, I took out the new 12M :03S Moto_X and 12M :03S Switchblade, and all I can is, “WOW.”  Over the last few years, people in the kiting industry have looked to Duotone and North for innovation and performance, but after this launch, the industry will have to redirect its attention back to Cabrinha.  
Let’s start with the Switchblade. Compared to its previous models, the :03S Switchblade is lighter and loftier. The new design incorporates a static low elongation bridle, Ultralite bladders, and a refined lightweight canopy design. What does this mean exactly? Well in short - bigger jumps, more hang time, and more reactivity. With a lesser overall weight, this model has a bigger wind range than its predecessors, and the improved bridle design makes light wind sessions more enjoyable. 
When I first took out the improved Switchblade, I was impressed. However, I didn’t think Cabrinha would be able to pull off something like the Moto_X. If the :03S Switchblade is Mercedes, then it’s safe to say that the Moto_X is a Ferrari. This kite felt even lighter than the new Switchblade. The 12M model I took out had the speed and reactivity of 9 or 10M and even though the bar pressure was minimal, it had a lot of pull behind it. I figure this kite is going to be the one that saves sessions after the wind drops and everyone starts to head in. 
Based on the kites I tried from this new collection, I’m excited to test out the new models of the FX2, Contra, and Drifter. And solely judging from the new Moto_X, I can’t wait to try Cabrinha’s other new designs: the :03S Nitro Apex (Cabrinha’s response to the North Orbit) and 03S Contra Aether (the new ultimate foil kite). 
Check out a video clip of the days events HERE
Cabrinha Wings
Video: Nap Time Media
Photography: Arnold Newman

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