22 JP Longboard Wood
22 JP Longboard Wood
22 JP Longboard Wood

22 JP Longboard Wood


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The Longboard line is full-on surf performance-oriented. All four sizes feature a very subtle step deck and a nicely pulled in tail. The narrow tail, in combination with a V, makes them very loose and responsive. A flat deck curve gives the rider confidence when paddling and the stability needed to cross the breaking waves. The smooth bottom curve provides good glide and, in combination with the increasing tail kick, easy rail to rail transition.
The Longboards have an amazing range of use. They work great for beginners to experts, from first paddle strokes to hanging ten! 


1. Wood edition tech back in 2021
2. Subtle step deck
3. Pulled in narrow tail with a V
4. Very loose and responsive
5. Smooth bottom curve for a good glide

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