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Great for those extended days out in the sun!! Zinka Nosecoat offers the absolute maximum protection available from the sun`s harmful rays, this formula not only looks cool but it provides the highest sun protection possible. Zinka's proven formula withstands the most extreme weather conditions performing flawlessly in wind, hot, cold & wet. With a .6 oz volume, Zinka fits easily in your pocket, purse or beach bag so that it is always handy.

Zinka Nosecoat works as a sunblock, not as a ""sunscreen"" and is made from zinc-oxide. It doesn't rub in like most sunscreen, but goes on opaque to be seen and to afford total protection. A clear sunscreen simply cannot provide total protection. With prolonged exposure to the sun, harmful rays will eventually penetrate the skin. With Zinka, it is the color that stays on the skin that ensures maximum protection by not allowing sunlight to be absorbed.

Zinka is the original nosecoat that was very popular in the late 80's, early 90's. Endorsed by Dermatologists and extreme athletes worldwide, Zinka protects and performs! Ingredients: Petrolatum, zinc oxide, beeswax, paraffin, titanium dioxide, mineral oil and fragrance.

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